Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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What is Elysian and what does it do?
Elysian empowers people to transcend themselves in a way they've never been able to before by providing a gateway where they can connect and interact with others virtually, through their Avatar. Our platform provides a next-generation solution for anyone who wants to take their connections to an entirely new level, or would like to build a legacy for future generations.

Is Elysian a social media platform? And if so, how is it different from the others?
Social platforms can sometimes feel like one way street, and often leave us feeling more disconnected. Elysian changes that by providing an environment, where people can have a two-way interactive connection with their favorite person's Avatar (their virtual self). Our platform enhances existing connections and fills a void that current social media platforms fail to fulfill. If you've ever wanted to experience the feeling of interacting one-on-one with a celebrity, or a relative who has past, you may be in luck!! Elysian is a place where everyone can connect, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

How do I connect with others Avatars?
Set up a FREE account, and then simply do a search on our site for the persons name your looking for. If they've created an Avatar, your in luck. If not, send them a link to our site, and ask them to set one up. You can also start by browsing through some of our favorites. If you know their Elysian Username, you can access their profile page directly by typing in For details about setting up your FREE account, please visit the About Us page.

Does it cost to connect with others Avatars?
Anyone can browse our site and view the Avatar profiles. Account setup is required in order to connect with the Avatars. Each new account is provided with some complimentary credits at initial sign up, so you can try it for FREE. After your credits have been used, the purchase of additional credits is required in order to connect with others Avatars. View pricing

What do I need to create an Avatar of my own?
Sign up for a FREE account. Once your account is set up, go to the My Avatar area within your Settings. Add a photo for your Avatar, and a short audio clip of your voice (approximately 2-3 minutes long), and select a personality profile. Elysian handles all the magic from there, and your Avatar will come to life in just minutes. Once your Avatar is created, share your custom link with your friends so that they can connect with your Avatar, or have them search for you when they visit our site. For best results, see our Best Practices for creating your Avatar. For details about setting up your Avatar, please visit the About Us page.

Does it cost to set up an Avatar of my own?
You can set up your own Avatar for FREE. You Avatar will then remain active for 5 days. After 5 days, there is a nominal annual fee in order to maintain your Avatar's active status (so others can connect with it). Each year requires a renewal of the Avatar. Advanced Avatars are also available. View details & pricing

What happens to my Avatar if I don't purchase it or renew it each year?
Your profiel will remain active and your Avatar will remain in our system for other users to view. It will be notated as Inactive, and other users will not be able to connect with it.

How much are credits?
Please view our pricing page for details.

Do my credits expire?
No. Your credits will not expire as long as you don't delete your account.

Do I have to use my own photo and my own voice?
Elysian is designed so that anyone can create a virtual version of themselves, and allow anyone else to experience the feeling of interacting with them. Ideally the platform will be utilized accordingly, however we understand that some people may want to test the technology and maybe have some fun with it. As long as you have the legal rights to a particular photo and voice, then feel free to use it. We also do provide some alternative stock voice options for those who do not wish to use their own voice. You can select one of the alternative voice options while creating your Avatar. Please note that users are required to use their own photo and voice in order to be eligible to receive an account verification checkmark.

Can I use a different photo for my Avatar, then I use for my profile photo?
Yes. See our Best Practices page for details on creating your Avatar.

Can I change the photo/image that I'm using for my Avatar?
Yes. You can change the photo/image that is used for your Avatar at any time in the Settings area. However, please note that there is a nominal fee for each time you change your Avatars Photo. View pricing

Can I change the voice that I'm using for my Avatar?
Yes. You can change the voice that is used for your Avatar at any time in the Settings area.

Can I change the personality profile that I'm using for my Avatar?
Yes. You can change the personality profile that is used for your Avatar at any time in the Settings area.

Can I activate someone else's Avatar that is inactive?
Yes. It is possible for another user to renew/activate someone else's Avatar (i.e. A Grandchild wants to activate a Grandparents Avatar). Please contact us for details.

What level of customizations are there for the Avatars?
It is our goal for every Avatar to resemble it's owners individual characteristics as closely as possible. We offer three Levels depending on the amount of customization each user would like for their Avatar. Level 1 Avatars can be created independently by every user within their Settings area. Level 1 is the default level for all newly created Avatars, and includes custom image (your image), custom voice (your voice), and custom name (your name). It will also include several personality options, and runs on our general AI modeling engine. Advanced Level 2 &3 Avatars require custom development by our team. More information on Level 2 & 3 Avatars can be found here.

Why would I want to create an Avatar of myself?
We may be mere mortals but our Legacy endures. We're remembered, and memorialized through writings, pictures, videos, and more. And although pictures, and videos go a long way to help archive who we are, or who we once were, they don't come close to providing the experience of a one-on-one interaction. Elysian empowers us to preserve some of the key elements that make us who we are, and present them in a way that provides future generations with the incredible feeling of interacting with us, and the sense of actually being together. Elysian makes it possible fore anyone to create a timeless legacy that will endure for generations. Imagine, your great-great-great grandchildren will be able to experience what it would be like interacting with you 100's of years from now.

Why would a celebrity, or social influencer want to establish a Elysian account?
Most celebrity and influencer fans would be elated to have the opportunity to either meet them in person, or somehow interact with them. Obviously, there's just not enough time in a lifetime to physically interact with thousands of people. Elysian empowers celebrities and influencers to enhance their connections and transcend their physical limitations by allowing their fans to experience the incredible feeling of interacting with them, one-on-one. Something they would have otherwise never have had the opportunity to achieve.

Can I earn revenue from Elysian?
Yes. Elysian users have the opportunity to share in the revenue their Avatars produce. Revenue is produced when other users connect with your Avatar. View details

What are the "Unique Connections" and "Total Time" displayed on the Avatars profile page?
"Unique Connections" represents the total number of unique Elysian Users who have connected with that Avatar. "Total Time" represents the total time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) that all other Elysian users have connected with that Avatar.

How do I know that I'm interacting with the actual person's real Avatar?
Accounts with a purple checkmark next to the username require a strict KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Those accounts are marked with a verification checkmark. So you can rest assured, if your interacting with a Tom Cruise's Avatar (with a checkmark), it's been verified. Standard accounts do not require a verification KYC. These accounts will not have a verification checkmark. So if your connecting with an Avatar without a checkmark, we can't guarantee the validity of the owner. View KYC requirements

What does the checkmark mean?
The checkmark represents a user who has been verified and has completed the required KYC docs. No Checkmark means the user has NOT been verified and has NOT completed any KYC docs. View KYC requirements

Is there a fee to receive a verification checkmark?
No. Verification is free.

How is it that I can connect with someone who has passed?
Elysian makes the improbable, possible by allowing people to experience the incredible feeling of interacting with a relative or a famous person who has passed? If the individual had established an account prior to passing, your in luck. If not, the estate of the person could establish an Avatar on their behalf, by having the rights to their likeness and providing Elysian with the required data for the Avatar creation.

I have a relative who has passed, and would like to create an Avatar for them. Is that possible?
Yes. As long as you have the rights to their likeness, and have about 2-3 minutes of audio of them, and a good photo, then you can create an account and an Avatar on their behalf. If you have more questions about setting this up or need assistance, please contact us.

I created an account, but don't see my profile when searching in the search results?
Only users who have created an Avatar (and active) will show up in the search results. Users who have not created an Avatar will still have a profile page ( and be able to connect with others Avatars, but will not be listed in the search results.

What languages do you support?
Currently our technology works best with the English language, however most other languages are supported.

What files should I upload for my voice?
The quality of the voice samples you upload will influence the quality of the output voice we generate. We recommend uploading 2 minutes or longer of clear audio file. (.mp3 are preferred. However, .m4a, and other audio file formats are also supported). Max 10MB containing a single speaker with no music and background noise. Please visit our best practices page for more information.

Are there any restrictions on what voice I can upload for my Avatar?
You must be the rightful owner of the files you upload to the Platform. You are responsible for all files you upload to and generate on the platform, and for the consequences of publishing those files elsewhere. Elysian claims no rights over the files you upload to the platform, except the right to review said files in accordance with local laws. If you are unsure about whether you can publish content featuring a voice file, we advise that you consider your domestic law's stance on copyright before publishing any such content.

Is there a way to make my Avatar voice sound more like me?
The quality of the Avatars voice is dependant upon the quality of the data that is provided by the users. Therefore some Avatars may sound closer to their owners than others. If you think your voice could be improved, please try to upload a more clear voice sample. Also the longer the sample, the better the output. Please visit our best practices page for more information. Enhanced voice customization is available. Please contact us for more information.

Is my data safe?
Your data is completely safe with us. We don't share it with anyone and don't use it to run ads. Privacy and security is a top priority.

Can I deactivate my Avatar?
Yes. Users have full control of their own Avatars. They can make changes to it, and deactivate their Avatar if they don't want anyone to connect to it.

I'm concerned about the potential for mal-intent with the use of my voice?
Although the custom voices that our AI produces resembles the owners very closely, there are many technologies on the market that can easily detect with certainty that the voice has been reproduced by a computer. In addition, most of the audio generated by our AI will be watermarked, so that it can be traced back to us. Suffice to say that if you've ever posted audio or video to a social media platform or any other publicly accessible platform that includes your voice, and there is someone who is determined to use that voice for mal-intent, there are plenty of other tools already available on the market for them to do so. Utilization of any voice that is not the owners, or an entity who has rights of the owners is a strict violation of our TOS, and all known infringements will be reviewed and actioned accordingly.

I'm concerned that my Avatar's responses might not 100% reflect how I might reply.
One of our goals is to allow anyone who wants to create their own personal Avatar to be able to do so. This includes making it as affordable as possible. Therefore, by default, all Avatars start out as a base Level 1 Avatar. Level 1 Avatars include several personality options, and runs on our general AI modeling engine. We've also implemented some general filters in order to maintain neutral positions with respect to polarizing social and political topics, as well as offensive, or romantic innuendoes. We are continually working to improve our technology in order to provide users with more enhanced customization options and features. Each Avatar includes a disclaimer within their profile. Advanced (Level 2 & 3) customization is available for more enhanced individual Avatar characteristics, and personalization. View details. Please contact us for information about customization options.

What is your policy regarding protecting the rights of the owners voice?
We're committed both to respecting intellectual property rights and to implementing safeguards against the potential misuse of our technology. Our TOS prohibits malicious use of our technology towards any purpose which can be deemed illegal or harmful. In addition, Avatars with a checkmark have provided KYC documentation. In some instances we may use recognizable voices. We do so for entertainment, or demonstration purposes, and the data is either open-source or belong to the public domain, and in contexts which are so far as possible socially and politically neutral. At the same time, Avatars that are designated as not the real person (ex. @like_TomCruise) are clearly marked within the profile as to not mislead or misrepresent anyone. We seek to support voice owners and their licensors in claiming their rights and all known infringements will be reviewed and actioned accordingly. Users who are establishing an Avatar as a representative of someone must secure permission from the voice owner(s) for such use.

Do I own the files I upload?
Yes, we claim no rights over the files our users upload to the Platform, except the right to review said files in accordance with local laws. You retain full ownership of all of your contributions and any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights associated with your contributions. We claim no Intellectual Property Rights over the Files you Upload or the Content you Generate using our Services, including the recordings of your own voice, and we will not use the Files you Upload to independently generate any content outside of the Elysian platform.

The Username (@username) I'm trying to register is showing not available, but there doesn't seem to be any current account using that name?
Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters A-Z, numbers 0-9) with the exception of underscores (_). They must be a minimum of 7 characters and a maximum of 25 characters. If you believe a specific username might be available and would like to request the use of a username that is showing as not available, please contact us.

Do you have an app for iOS or Android?
Currently there is no Elysian app. The website works well on desktops and mobile. This allows us to update Elysian without asking users to constantly update an app.

Support FAQ's

Q. I'm trying to set up an account but I didn't receive a confirmation email.
A. If you did not recieve your confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you need additional assistance setting up your account, please contact our support team.

Q. How do I interact with the Avatars?

      1. Setup a FREE Account. (You'll receive some FREE credits so you can try it out)
2. After Setup, search for your favorite Avatar name in the top search area. Or, view our favorites.
3. Click on the Connect button.
4. Once on the connect page, you can start interacting by using your mic, or by typing.

Q. How do I create my own personal Avatar?

      1. Setup a FREE account.
2. Go to My Avatar
3. Complete the Avatar setup. Provide a Photo, 2-3 minutes of Voice Audio or Select from Stock Voices, select an AI Personality Profile, and Save. (Your Avatar is FREE to setup.) For optimal results, please view our Best Practices
4. Waite about 5-7 minutes while Elysian creates your lifelike Avatar.
5. If you want to interact with your own Avatar, click on your @my_username in the top right, and then Connect.

Q. I get an error when uploading my Avatar photo.
A. Photos should be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. If your photo was rejected, please try uploading a different photo. Photo's may be rejected if they resemble a famous celebrity. If you continue to experience issues or you are a famous celebrity, please contact our support team.

Q. In my settngs area, why is my "Total Time" different than my "Total Time Since Last Payout"?
A. There are several reasons these numbers might be different. If you connected with your own Avatar, that time is not counted towards your earnings. Only time that others connect with your Avatar will count towards your earnings. If you've earned enough, and have requested a payout, then your "Total Time Since Last Payout" will reset. Your "Total Time" will always reflect, the total time that all users, unluding yourself have connected with your Avatar from the first day you set up your avatar onward. This "Total Time" will also display in your public profile to other users.

Q. I did not get a response from the Avatar.
A. If you have planty of credits, and did not get a response, please refresh your screen, and try again. If you lost some credits as a result, please notify our support team.