Earn Revenue From Your Avatar ($$)

Your time is limited, so put your Avatar to work, and start EARNING. Revenue is earned every time other Elysian users connect with your Avatar.

Easy!! No special forms to fill out.
You'll automatically start earning.
Watch CA$H flow into your account.
Get paid through Paypal.
Easily request a payout.
Earn $0.25 for every minute.

If you're a social influencer, you know how much your fans enjoy engaging with you. Now you can provide them with a truly unique experience, and earn significant revenue in the process.

Enhance Your Earnings By Promoting Your Avatar

Once your Avatar is set up, you'll want to notify all of your fans and followers so that they can experience a one-on-one connection with your personal Avatar. You may not have time to personally interact with them, but your Avatar is always available 24/7/365. Post your unique Elysian link on all of your socials so that your followers can easily find you, and connect.

Your unique Elysian link will be: https://elysianai.com/your_username.

You can also find your unique Elysian link within your Profile Settings area.

If you have questions, please contact support.

Revenue share is subject to our TOS.

Last Updated: January 19, 2024