Our mission is to enhance connections and preserve family legacies by providing an environment where people can engage in two-way interactive dialog in real-time, anytime. Our advanced conversational Ai builder is the first of it's kind application that enables anyone to effortlessly create a life-like virtual version of themselves, so that others can experience the feeling of connecting with them when they're not available, or not with us anymore.

There's no complicated process, or time required recording lengthy self-videos. All that's needed is a photo, a short voice clip, and some profile information. Simply enter a few pieces of data, and then sit back and watch our Ai builder create a life-like Virtual You in just minutes. Our proprietary Ai builder will compile the data your provide to create a virtual you, that looks, sounds and acts just like the real you.
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Start by signing up for a FREE Trial.
Once your account is set up, and before you create your own virtual self, you can use some of your free credits to try out our conversational Ai technology and interact with any of our other Elysian users. View some of our most popular.
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Ready to create the Virtual You?
  1. Once your logged in: Click on "Settings"
  2. Click on "My Avatar" in the left navigation menu.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Upload a photo.
  5. Upload a short voice clip. Or select from our stock voices.
  6. Select a personality profile.
  7. Complete your individual persona data fields.
  8. Submit for processing.
Then simply wait for about 2-3 minutes while our Ai builder creates a life-like virtual you. You can view and engage with your own virtual self by clicking on @my_username in the top right corner.
Share the Virtual You
Copy your unique link/url from within the settings area and share it with your friends, family and followers, so they can connect with the Virtual You.


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