Elysian Leverages AI to Enhance Social Connections

Social platforms can sometimes leave us feeling more disconnected. Elysian's mission is to change that by providing an environment where people can engage in two-way interactive connections in real-time. If you've ever wanted to experience the feeling of having a conversation with one of your favorite celebrities, or social influencers, you may be in luck!! Elysian is a place where everyone can connect with anyone, in real-time, anytime.

AI/Human Simulator™

Our AI/ Human Simulator™ allows anyone to experience unique one-on-one connections.

  1. Sign up for a FREE account.
  2. Confirm your email adddress by clicking on the link in the confirmation email we send. (Check your spam folder if you don't see it)
  3. Login and finish setting up your account. Or, you can just start chatting after login.
  4. You'll automatically receive some FREE conversation credits so you can start chatting.
  5. After signup, just Search for someone by name in the top search area of our website, or start by viewing some of our Favorite Avatars.

New Avatars are being created every day. If you don't find someone your looking for, try visiting some of our favorites and check back often.

AI/Human Emulator™

Our AI/ Human Emulator™ is the first of it's kind application that enables anyone to create a digital version of themselves in minutes.

  • Celebrities can help their fans feel a closer connection by allowing them to interact with their Avatar.
  • Social Influencers can enhance connections with their followers, and earn revenue from their Avatar.
  • Business professionals can enhance their profile by allowing clients and others to communicate with their Avatar. It's like an enhanced version of LinkedIn, powered with AI.
  • Individuals can create a legacy that will endure for generations. Imagine your great, great grandchildren will be able to experience what it's like to interact with you. Watch Video
  • Grief Therapy. Your loved ones are always close at Elysian. Individuals can experieince a renewed sense of connection with a past loved one. Watch Video
  1. Sign up for a FREE account. Then finsh setting up your account by uploading a photo.
  2. Once your account is fully set up, click on "My Avatar" in the left navigation menu.
  3. A. Enter your Avatar Name.
    B. Upload a Photo for your Avatar (it can be the same as your profile photo)
    C. Upload a short voice clip. Or you can select from one of our stock voices.
    D. Select an AI personality for your Avatar.
    E. Agree to our TOS and tap Submit
  4. Once all of your data is Submitted, simply waite for about 2-3 minutes for our Emulator to create your Life-like Avatar.
  5. You can view and engage with your own Avatar by clicking on @My_Username in the top right corner.
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We all have unique individual characteristics that define who we are, including; the way we look, our voices, our memories and our experiences. Pictures, and videos go a long way to help provide records of who we are, or who we once were, but don't come close to providing the experience of a one-on-one interaction. Elysian provides us with the technology to preserve some of the key characteristics that make us who we are, and present them in a way that provides people and future generations with the incredible feeling of interacting with us, and the sense of actually being together.

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