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Go beyond Likes, Shares, DM's, and Follows, and experience real-time interactive conversations with the virtual life-like version of your friends, relatives, and even some of your favorite social influencers and celebrities.

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AI/Human Simulator™

Take our AI/Human Simulator™ for test drive, and experience a new kind of connection.

No credit card required to sign up.
Connect with influencers & celebrities.
Get to know someone better through AI.
It's like Facetiming your friends Avatar.
Interact with family & past loved ones.
Receive FREE conversation credits.
Interact with past icons like Steve Jobs.
Chat with famous movie characters.
Works best on Desktop & Android.
Search Avatars, or view our Favorites.

AI/Human Emulator™

Create a lifelike clone of yourself in just minutes with our AI/Human Emulator™. Complete with your own voice, image, and personality. Your friends will be able to connect and interact with your Avatar anytime.

Sign up & clone yourself for FREE.
Just upload a photo and a voice clip.
Your Avatar comes to life in minutes.
Receive a unique profile page.
Friends can connect with you 24/7/365.
It's like your LinkedIn with AI.
Create a digital legacy that will endure.
Your Avatar will be highly intelligent.
Earn revenue $$ with your Avatar.
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Dive into a world of possibilities & experience real-time interactions! Check out some of our most Popular Avatars.